Las Vegas Escorts Kerri

Aging Like The Finest of Wine

As an older escort, adult entertainment in Sin City is my area of expertise. I have the sort of wisdom that can only come with age. These younger girls do not have anything on me. In fact, you would be surprised by how many of them come to me for advice. I'm happy to help, too. Age has not dulled my lust for life in the slightest, either.

I am the type of woman who loves a good thrill. My companions who are looking for their own thrills love to spend time with me. When it comes to adult entertainment in Sin City, I am what you would call an OG. As a woman who was raised in a very strict environment, I love to break away from the typical societal norms. Let's have a good time without all of the usual hang ups, okay?

I'll Be Your Personal Stripper
If you're not looking to head to the strip club, I am more than willing to bring the strip club to you. Adult entertainment in Sin City has never been this fun. Let me be your private dancer. Blondes definitely know how to party and this is your chance to sit back and enjoy yourself. We can live in the moment. Leave your worries and cares at the door.

Maybe you would like to see me dance with one of my friends, too. That can certainly be arranged. Let's head out to the nightclubs and find a sexy woman that we can take back to the room. I am a wonderful wing woman who is adept at talking my way into her panties. Just sit back and watch me work.

Dominatrix Play
Perhaps you are looking to be dominated by a beautiful blonde woman as well. Not to worry. I am more than capable of handling the task. As an older MILF, I have the confidence needed to put you in line. Don't talk back! If you step out of line, I will put you right back in your place. Don't make me have to give you a spanking. Why would you let some young teen handle this task for you?

I'm a mature woman who knows how to cater to my man. Your kinky pleasures are always going to be fulfilled. Whips and chains excite me. I also have plenty of rubber and leather, if that's what you're looking for. Just sit back and let me take care of everything. Your wishes are my commands. The bad boys of Las Vegas do not stand a chance when they come up against me. Believe me on that!

Now that I've told you a bit more about myself, it is time for you to book me for your next stay. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, I am able to cater to you. You will enjoy every moment with me or you will receive a full refund. What are you waiting for? Give me a call as soon as possible!